The Adventures of a Freelance Writer and Editor

A Reason to Read

The August issue of Shape magazine reported this statistic: “Reading a novel for 30 minutes makes you feel connected to the characters, which can help reduce feelings of isolation.” So next time you are feeling a little lonely, open up a good book. This is great news for writers, especially fiction writers. It is always inspiring to hear how stories influence readers; after all, most writers dream of people reading their books one day. This little piece of information made me brainstorm some possible book and short story ideas. I would share, but I am a bit superstitious about my creative work. I don’t like to share my ideas or drafts with other people until I am convinced it is ready. I don’t like to ruin the excitement.

Anyway, this was my first week as a “fulltime freelancer.” I spent some time helping on my husband’s farm, and I worked in a flower shop one day. Tomorrow I get to help set up a wedding. (I love seeing other people’s weddings.) Despite all of the distractions, I did do a little bit of writing. I spent most of the week researching and editing grant proposals for Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide. I also did a trial project for a non-project communications firm. As usual, I worked on a few blogs. The only one posted this week was 5 Fun  Ways to Decorate Your Aisle. Check back next week for more wedding planning advice as well as an interview with Running Deer Golf Club’s Event Coordinator, Heather, and a post on Hamptons Chef Society’s graphic designer.

Besides grants and blogs, I worked on some web copy for Mita Productions. (Stay tuned for new packages available.) This weekend I have plans to edit some fictional stories by a local writer I met at Barnes and Noble. I am always excited to read other writers’ work.

Well, that is about it for now. Enjoy your weekend.



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