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Preparing for Irene

Unfortunately, it looks like a hurricane is heading our way. I’ve spent the last two days preparing for the storm: grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting done any work that needs to be finished by Monday, etc. I am hoping that all of the prepping is unnecessary, but just case, keep South Jersey and all of the other areas in the hurricane’s path in your prayers. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I am enjoying a few days away from the computer because I have no electric and I am hoping that all the food in my freezer doesn’t go bad. Good luck everyone on the East Coast!


Comments on: "Preparing for Irene" (8)

  1. Stacy S. Jensen said:

    Me again. Making my way through the campaign list and the link worked for me this time. 🙂
    Hope you guys don’t get hit too bad. I grew up in GA and dealt with a few hurricane threats while in NC and Texas. But, here in CO, we are just apparently out of the loop of such things. We had a bit of a quake the other day, but I slept right through it.

  2. Stay safe! My family is from South Jersey also. My parents haven’t been evacuated but my Aunts who live in Ocean City and Absecon have. Very scary, I wish you well.

  3. I do hope all the prep is unnecessary! Good luck!

  4. The power of nature can be a frightful thing, can’t it? I experienced a Typhoon. So fun. We were without electricity for a week. Ugh. Hope you’re faring better.

    Found you through the campaign.

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