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I Survived Irene

Usually, you hear the saying “the calm before the storm,” but I have been experiencing the opposite. Before Hurricane Irene, I was stressing out. I was rushing around trying to get things ready before the storm, and I was hoping Irene wouldn’t be as bad as they expected. Now, that the storm is over, I have a new sense of calm. I am no longer rushing around like a crazy woman, and I am revealed that the storm wasn’t too bad (at least for my house). Plus, the weather is perfect! I wish every day was this beautiful.


Comments on: "I Survived Irene" (9)

  1. I feel the same way lol. I slept in the next day. Glad you made it through.

  2. Glad all is well where you are. We came through okay, too, although now there is a lot of flooding just 20 minutes away. It breaks my heart.

  3. I’m sure the hype helped save lives, boy though did I get sick of hearing about Irene this, Irene will do that. Everyone must be breathing a sigh of relief that she’s gone and the relief efforts can start.

  4. Hi April, I am a new fellow campaigner. Love your blog and so please you survived Irene. We were glued to the tv keeping up with what was going on in your part of the world. Must of been real scary! Look forward to catching up with you.

  5. I’m glad you stayed safe and that you’re now stress free=) Enjoy the beautiful days!

  6. Yay, April! I know just what you mean. I was stressing too. Then, even before it hit our area, once they downgraded it, I totally relaxed. So glad it’s over.

  7. Glad you escaped unscathed! We were lucky too. An the past few days have been exquisite here as well πŸ™‚

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