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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Wow! I can’t believe the end of summer is actually here. I had full intentions of doing more fun stuff this summer: going to the beach, going to the zoo, going to the restaurant with my favorite crab fries. But I ended up working too much. That is the funny thing about working from home. You think you will have all the free time in the world, but you actually have to spend your time working if you want to make any money. There is no such thing as paid sick days or paid vacation when you work for yourself.

And then there is that scary thing called money. When you aren’t guaranteed a paycheck each week, you treat it a bit differently. You try not to spend wastefully because you never know for sure when or from where you will get your next pay check, and every month you find yourself counting pennies while you wait for clients to pay you. Then, your mail box or paypal account fills up with checks and you suddenly feel the need to buy a $5 cup of coffee and a new pair of shoes.

My summer hasn’t been a complete waste. I started my own business. I got to work with an amazing florist. I met some new people. I planned a bridal shower, which got rescheduled because of Hurricane Irene. (I can say it now; someone else already told the bride.) I spent some time being lazy with my husband. I had a few girlfriend dates, and I spent a few afternoons enjoying a much deserved nap. I’d say it was a pretty awesome summer; it just wasn’t the type of summer I always enjoyed when I was 16. When I was younger, I spent the summer barely clothed and covered in sand. This year my bathing suit never left the drawer and the only time I touched sand was when I was setting up a wedding, but there is still time. Just because summer is unofficially ending for everyone else, doesn’t mean my summer is over.

So how did I spend the last week of my unofficial summer?

Well, I ghost wrote an e-book on leadership. It brought back memories of studying business at community college. I started a fun new project updating Mita Production’s Facebook. Like me to be a part of the all the fun conversations about wedding trends, news, and advice. I wrote a few blogs for A Garden Party, Mita Productions, Music by Design, and Outskirts Press. I researched and wrote a grant proposal for a great new project at Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide, and I spent a few hours every day looking for new writing and/or editing gigs. If you know anyone who has a project, contact me.

Here is my most recent blog posts.

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So I’d love to know, how did you spent your summer?


Comments on: "Happy Labor Day Weekend" (2)

  1. It is amazing how differently you spend your summers as a supposedly responsible adult compared to when you were a kid and could while away the hours! I spent most of my summer wishing I lived somewhere warm and sunny and, on the days the sun actually came out over London, staring longingly at it through my office windows!

    Congratulations on the ghost writing and starting your own business! You can always use your bathing suit on your next holiday – after a very successful period of work 🙂

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one who spent their summer working. And I love your idea about breaking out the bathing suit for a much needed vacation. I like the way you think. 🙂

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