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My Cure for the Mondays

I’ve started to notice a trend in my work habits: I hate Mondays. It’s my least productive day of the week. Most people complain about Fridays. By Friday, they are ready for the work week to be over, and they become less productive. But for me, the rush of having to finish projects before the weekend gives me motivation on Fridays. I can even manage to get work done on Saturdays. But Mondays are a struggle. So I’ve come up with this solution.

1) Save mundane tasks such as answering emails, dealing with the filing cabinet, and running errands for Mondays. These are tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration but still need to be done.

2) End the day early. I no longer try to force myself to work long hours on Mondays if I don’t have to. I’d rather make up the time later in the week when I am motivated. Instead, I accomplish only what is necessary and then I end my day early. I try to fit in a walk in the park with a friend or a few hours of window shopping. Anything that is relaxing and doesn’t feel like work.

3) When also fails, splurge on a latte. Most days I drink black coffee from my own coffee pot. But on days when I need a pick me up, I get in the car, enjoy the fresh air, and treat myself to a fancy coffee. Something about a Starbucks cup inspires me to write, or at least smile.

What day of the week is your least productive day? How do you handle it?


Comments on: "My Cure for the Mondays" (4)

  1. brainforthought said:

    Mondays are mine as well. I agree with ending the day a little early, otherwise I’m just wasting my time.

  2. Love your plan. I may have to try it. For me it’s not a day, but a time of day. Afternoons are least productive for me unless I’m in a manic-must-get-this-draft-done phase – in which case I’m always productive at writing and not at all productive with anything else in my life.

  3. I’m with @brookerousseau – afternoons require chocolate and fizzy drink!

  4. Yum, chocolate always works.

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