The Adventures of a Freelance Writer and Editor

A Refreshing Weekend

Most weekends I stay home and relax with my hubby. Our excitement is usually a movie on the couch and maybe a pizza, but this weekend was busy, busy, busy. Friday we had dinner with the family, which was nice because it had been a while since everyone got together. Saturday, I spent all day setting up a wedding at a winery. (It was beautiful!) Saturday night, we went to a “Farmers Dinner,” which auctions off produce and livestock to benefit children with disabilities. I came home with bags of apples, sweet potatoes and three chickens.

Sunday, I attended a bridal shower at a golf course. It was beautiful and the food was amazing. Then Sunday night, we had a surprise dinner for Gram’s 90th birthday. (Yes, you read that right: 90th birthday.) That was fun because we had dinner in the room we got married in almost eight months ago. Plus, Gram is the coolest old woman I know.

After all the excitement this weekend, I woke up refreshed and ready to get back to work today, which is good because I have a busy week ahead: a few writing projects, some time in the flower shop, a day as gym teacher.

Stay tuned to hear all about it.

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