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Wedding Wednesday: Beach-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

A few weeks ago, I hosted a bridal shower for one of my best friends. Check out these pictures for shower planning inspiration.


I was obsessed with this cake! The bakery used sugar to create “sand.”

For prizes, we gave away flip-flops and beach towels.

Instead of a guest book, we had each guest fill out a personlized recipe card and place it in this engraved recipe box.

The bride’s goody bag had a beach towel and bridal flip-flops. The favors were wine glasses and little beach bags filled with salt water taffy.

These mason jars were filled with shells and a floating candles. We used them to decorate the table, then acutioned them off at the end of the shower.

We had a special princess sandbucket for the flower girl.

We got these adorable flip-flop picture frames at Michael’s.

A Refreshing Weekend

Most weekends I stay home and relax with my hubby. Our excitement is usually a movie on the couch and maybe a pizza, but this weekend was busy, busy, busy. Friday we had dinner with the family, which was nice because it had been a while since everyone got together. Saturday, I spent all day setting up a wedding at a winery. (It was beautiful!) Saturday night, we went to a “Farmers Dinner,” which auctions off produce and livestock to benefit children with disabilities. I came home with bags of apples, sweet potatoes and three chickens.

Sunday, I attended a bridal shower at a golf course. It was beautiful and the food was amazing. Then Sunday night, we had a surprise dinner for Gram’s 90th birthday. (Yes, you read that right: 90th birthday.) That was fun because we had dinner in the room we got married in almost eight months ago. Plus, Gram is the coolest old woman I know.

After all the excitement this weekend, I woke up refreshed and ready to get back to work today, which is good because I have a busy week ahead: a few writing projects, some time in the flower shop, a day as gym teacher.

Stay tuned to hear all about it.

Wedding Wednesday: 5 Unique Wedding Shoes

This week I had the pleasure of writing this fun blog post: 5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas. Here are a few places to find the great shoe styles featured in this article.

Cowboy Boot (Brown)

Cowboy Boot (White)

Miz Mooz Bon Bon Halyn

Blue Converse

Blue Heels

Pink Glitter Heels

Barefoot Sandals

For more great shoes, check out these links.

Cowboy Boots on Amazon

Heels on Amazon

Converse Sneakers on Amazon

Dress Shoes

Free Shipping Over $20 at

Free Shipping on all orders thru September 30th with coupon code LSFREESHIP

Reduced up to 40% – Women’s Footwear at Infinity Shoes. Click Here.

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Extra 20% off Steve Madden Shoes


Photos Courtesy of and Infinity Shoes

Wedding Wednesday

Here are my two most recent wedding blog posts. Many more coming soon.

How to Create a Memorable Cocktail Hour (I am obsessed with the martini glass vases with floating candles and rose petals.)

Should You Buy a Reception Dress?(If you are considering buying a reception dress, you should read this first.For style ideas, check out Amazon’s Selection.)

While researching weddings this week,  I found this awesome photo and video.

 This ying and yang martini would make an amazing signature drink!!

This would make a great proposal in real life!!

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Labor Day Blog Fest

The American Flag

New Jersey Flag

Five Historical Sites I’ve Visited:

1) Gettysburg

2) The Statue of Liberty

3) The Liberty Bell

4) Central Park

5) Fort Mott State Park

To learn more about the Labor Day Blog Fest, click here.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Wow! I can’t believe the end of summer is actually here. I had full intentions of doing more fun stuff this summer: going to the beach, going to the zoo, going to the restaurant with my favorite crab fries. But I ended up working too much. That is the funny thing about working from home. You think you will have all the free time in the world, but you actually have to spend your time working if you want to make any money. There is no such thing as paid sick days or paid vacation when you work for yourself.

And then there is that scary thing called money. When you aren’t guaranteed a paycheck each week, you treat it a bit differently. You try not to spend wastefully because you never know for sure when or from where you will get your next pay check, and every month you find yourself counting pennies while you wait for clients to pay you. Then, your mail box or paypal account fills up with checks and you suddenly feel the need to buy a $5 cup of coffee and a new pair of shoes.

My summer hasn’t been a complete waste. I started my own business. I got to work with an amazing florist. I met some new people. I planned a bridal shower, which got rescheduled because of Hurricane Irene. (I can say it now; someone else already told the bride.) I spent some time being lazy with my husband. I had a few girlfriend dates, and I spent a few afternoons enjoying a much deserved nap. I’d say it was a pretty awesome summer; it just wasn’t the type of summer I always enjoyed when I was 16. When I was younger, I spent the summer barely clothed and covered in sand. This year my bathing suit never left the drawer and the only time I touched sand was when I was setting up a wedding, but there is still time. Just because summer is unofficially ending for everyone else, doesn’t mean my summer is over.

So how did I spend the last week of my unofficial summer?

Well, I ghost wrote an e-book on leadership. It brought back memories of studying business at community college. I started a fun new project updating Mita Production’s Facebook. Like me to be a part of the all the fun conversations about wedding trends, news, and advice. I wrote a few blogs for A Garden Party, Mita Productions, Music by Design, and Outskirts Press. I researched and wrote a grant proposal for a great new project at Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide, and I spent a few hours every day looking for new writing and/or editing gigs. If you know anyone who has a project, contact me.

Here is my most recent blog posts.

Book Review: The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter

How to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

So I’d love to know, how did you spent your summer?

I Survived Irene

Usually, you hear the saying “the calm before the storm,” but I have been experiencing the opposite. Before Hurricane Irene, I was stressing out. I was rushing around trying to get things ready before the storm, and I was hoping Irene wouldn’t be as bad as they expected. Now, that the storm is over, I have a new sense of calm. I am no longer rushing around like a crazy woman, and I am revealed that the storm wasn’t too bad (at least for my house). Plus, the weather is perfect! I wish every day was this beautiful.

Preparing for Irene

Unfortunately, it looks like a hurricane is heading our way. I’ve spent the last two days preparing for the storm: grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting done any work that needs to be finished by Monday, etc. I am hoping that all of the prepping is unnecessary, but just case, keep South Jersey and all of the other areas in the hurricane’s path in your prayers. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I am enjoying a few days away from the computer because I have no electric and I am hoping that all the food in my freezer doesn’t go bad. Good luck everyone on the East Coast!


Well, I am a little late, but I just found a great campaign called Sparkfest, which encourages writers to blog about the inspiration behind their writing. I am currently working on a few picture book manuscripts as well as a YA novel manuscript. The inspiration behind my picture books is actually a teacher I had in a writing for children’s course. She did an amazing job of teaching me the ropes of the children’s writing field and sharing some of the best picture books ever written. She also shared her experiences as a children’s writer and showed me that publication is possible.
The inspiration behind my YA writing is more diverse. I’ve always enjoyed books that are edgy and a bit dark. I want to read about events that are worse than what I am experiencing. Some of my favorite YA book are Speak, Monster, Ask Alice, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, and Kinda Like a Rockstar. Okay, and I also love Twilight.
I’d love to hear what your favorite picture books and YA books are. Please leave comments!

Labor Day Blog Fest

While checking out fellow campaigner blogs, I stumbled upon this interesting event happening September 6th: Labor Day Blog Fest.

Here are the rules:

1) You must follow the Random Thoughts blog. (I’ll be super excited if you follow my blog as well.)

2) Spread the
word. Mention this Blog Fest on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc.

3) Sign up by clicking here.
4) On Tuesday September 6th,
post on your blog the American Flag and your State Flag with five American
Historical sites you have been to or wish to see.

If you are not in
the United States, please post your country flag and five American Historical
Sites you have visited or wish to visit.

Be sure to check back on September 6th to see my Labor Day post!

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