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Wedding Wednesday: 5 Unique Wedding Shoes

This week I had the pleasure of writing this fun blog post: 5 Unique Wedding Shoe Ideas. Here are a few places to find the great shoe styles featured in this article.

Cowboy Boot (Brown)

Cowboy Boot (White)

Miz Mooz Bon Bon Halyn

Blue Converse

Blue Heels

Pink Glitter Heels

Barefoot Sandals

For more great shoes, check out these links.

Cowboy Boots on Amazon

Heels on Amazon

Converse Sneakers on Amazon

Dress Shoes

Free Shipping Over $20 at

Free Shipping on all orders thru September 30th with coupon code LSFREESHIP

Reduced up to 40% – Women’s Footwear at Infinity Shoes. Click Here.

Designer Shoes – Save up to 65%! + 10% off designer brands

Extra 20% off Steve Madden Shoes


Photos Courtesy of and Infinity Shoes

Wedding Wednesday: Recent Blog Posts

Here are links to my recent wedding posts. Be sure to check back next week for fun topics such as male engagement rings and fall aisle decor!

DIY Place Cards (For other great place card ideas,check out Amazon’s selection. When I got married in February, I bought alot of my wedding supplies from Amazon.)

6 Alternative Bachelorette Parties

3 Reasons to Get Married in the Winter

Five Ways to Decorate Your Aisle for Fall

Male Engagement Rings

After the Shower

I am busy recouping after spending all weekend cooking, cleaning, organizing, and hosting a bridal shower. My legs and feet are sore from walking up and down my two flights of stairs while carrying heavy boxes (and from wearing heels). So instead of blogging today, I am going to lay on the coach and watch Ellen. I spent the morning being productive (ghost writing an article and a press release), so now I am going to be lazy.

For now, here are a few pictures from the shower. I will share more on Wednesday.



Me and the lovely Holly as we wait for the bride to show up

The bridal party (minus one)

New Blog Post Schedule

Last spring, I took a course on writing for the web, and the instructor suggested that blogs should be posted on a schedule. Apparently, readers like to know when to expect certain content. When I first started my blog (which was originally a class assignment), I was reluctant to set a schedule. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, so I definitely wasn’t ready to commit to a writing schedule. After a few months of posting, I’ve noticed a trend in my posts and writing and editing projects, and I am ready to announce my new posting schedule. Drum roll, please…

Miscellaneous Monday: This is to ease my inner free spirit that hates schedules. I still have one day a week that allows me write about anything I want.

Wedding Wednesday: I’ve been doing a lot of blogging for businesses in the wedding industry. (I’m obsessed with all things wedding.) On Wednesdays, I will share posts to my recent work as well as other fun wedding related information and resources I stumble upon.

Food Friday: I love food and cooking. Although it has slowed down, I was doing a lot of projects/blogs related to food. On Fridays, I will share links to recent posts, recipes, and other food related information and resources.

Saturday Morning Reading and Writing: You would think that I would take a break from reading and writing on the weekends since I write and edit for a living, but it is my passion. I love Saturday mornings when I can lounge around with a cup of coffee and a good book or notepad. So on Saturdays, I will share writing advice and news as well as book reviews.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss a post. Thanks for visiting!

Grants and Social Media… Just Another Day on the Job

My work can be broken down into two categories: paid and unpaid. On a good day, I am researching, brainstorming, writing, and editing for a paid project (usually blogs, grants, copyediting, or copywriting). On a slow day, I’m usually researching, brainstorming, writing, and editing about my business aka marketing and learning. Although this aspect of my business doesn’t “pay,” the goal is to land new clients and improve my skills; both of which are essential to a successful business and ultimately need to financial rewards.

Today was one of those “non-paying” days. I took a break from my “paying” projects to hone my skills and improve my marketing. I spent the afternoon attending a webinar titled Winning Grants by CharityHowTo. Every month, I research, write, and submit grants for Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide, and I recently researched grants for Lights Camera Learn. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to write and submit grants for Lights Camera Learn as well as other nonprofit organizations.

Since I work with grants on a regular basis, I thought it would be beneficial to participate in this webinar. I did pick up a few helpful strategies, but overall, I was disappointed in the service. After spending $80 on the webinar, I had a poor audio connection and left the webinar after 30 minutes. (It was supposed to be an hour and a half.) I’m not sure if it was my computer or the webinar itself. I would love to hear from others who attended the webinar. Did you have audio trouble? Were you pleased with the content?

Also, if anyone can recommend any useful resources for grant writers (books, websites, courses), I am always looking to improve my skills.

The rest of the day I spent reading The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue by Shama Hyder Kabani. I frequently use social media to market my personal business as well as my client’s businesses. I recently started a new project updating Mita Production’s Facebook, so I wanted to learn more about social media marketing. So far, I really enjoy social media marketing, and I would love to find more clients who need help in this area. If you or anyone you know could use this service, please let me know. I am always looking for referrals.

As always, here is my most recently published posts. More coming soon. Cheers!

Why the “From” Line is Important to Email Marketers

How to Decorate Your Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

Seven Ideas to Steal from Twilight Inspired Movies… Even If You Aren’t a Twihard

The Importance of Illustrations

Color Printing Vs. Black and White Printing

Weekly Update

Besides worrying about Irene, I have been doing a little bit of work. Here are a few blogs that were posted this week.

Book Review: Irises to Ashes

A Garden Party Presents… Our Gift Card

Three Unusual Bridal Gowns (This is my favorite blog of the week!)

Four Places to Find Wedding Inspiration

Should You Rent or Buy?

Should You Hire an Editor?

The One Thing Every Bride Needs…

I’d love to hear your feedback. Enjoy the weekend!

A Busy Day in the Neighborhood

The last 24 hours have been very busy. WriteOnCon has been keeping me occupied with great articles to read and videos to watch. I am learning so much from the authors, agents and editors who are participating. I’ve also been working on setting up all my accounts to begin working with Outskirts Press. By next week, I’ll have some fun projects to share with you. In between working and WOC, I’ve also been working on polishing a manuscript and query letter for an agent I met at WOC. Hopefully, I will have time to finish everything this weekend and get it sent out next week. I also have been working on grants for CFW.

In addition to all the writing and reading, I spent a few hours working at A Garden Party. (I love the days when my mind gets a break from writing, and I get to play with flowers.) They are organizing a Trash the Dress shot, so I got to help find some inspirational photos for that. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Well, I better get back to my to-do list.


This week I am participating in WriteOnCon, a free online writing conference for children’s writers. The event features advice and feedback from experienced agents and authors. I am very excited to learn more about the industry and to have my queries critiqued. To check out the event, click here.

I also have some other fun projects I am working. As always, I am working on several grants for Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide and blog posts for Mita Productions and Music by Design. I  have a few posts for A Garden Party that will be posted shortly, after the new website is up and running. Be sure to check back for those. I also have a post for Hamptons Chef Society (an interview with the organization’s graphic designer) that will be posted once Peter’s hectic schedule calms down.

Here are my recently published blog posts:

5 Items Every Bride Needs

A Garden Party Interview: Running Deer

I will have links to my posts for Mita Productions soon.

I am also excited to begin working on a few new projects this week. I will be blogging for Outskirts Press, a self-publishing company. I am also teaming up with a nonprofit that offers workshops in acting, digital filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, photography, and editing. The goal of the program is to empower underprivileged communities by strengthening their creative minds. As a writer, I strongly support creative outlets, and I love working with organizations that are making a positive impact on the world.



A Reason to Read

The August issue of Shape magazine reported this statistic: “Reading a novel for 30 minutes makes you feel connected to the characters, which can help reduce feelings of isolation.” So next time you are feeling a little lonely, open up a good book. This is great news for writers, especially fiction writers. It is always inspiring to hear how stories influence readers; after all, most writers dream of people reading their books one day. This little piece of information made me brainstorm some possible book and short story ideas. I would share, but I am a bit superstitious about my creative work. I don’t like to share my ideas or drafts with other people until I am convinced it is ready. I don’t like to ruin the excitement.

Anyway, this was my first week as a “fulltime freelancer.” I spent some time helping on my husband’s farm, and I worked in a flower shop one day. Tomorrow I get to help set up a wedding. (I love seeing other people’s weddings.) Despite all of the distractions, I did do a little bit of writing. I spent most of the week researching and editing grant proposals for Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide. I also did a trial project for a non-project communications firm. As usual, I worked on a few blogs. The only one posted this week was 5 Fun  Ways to Decorate Your Aisle. Check back next week for more wedding planning advice as well as an interview with Running Deer Golf Club’s Event Coordinator, Heather, and a post on Hamptons Chef Society’s graphic designer.

Besides grants and blogs, I worked on some web copy for Mita Productions. (Stay tuned for new packages available.) This weekend I have plans to edit some fictional stories by a local writer I met at Barnes and Noble. I am always excited to read other writers’ work.

Well, that is about it for now. Enjoy your weekend.


My World’s About to Change

For over four years now, I have worked as a bank teller. Well, come Friday, my world is about to change. I am trading in my teller drawer to pursue a career as a freelance writer and editor. For over a year now, I have been preparing for the transition. I’ve read every book on freelancing and writing that I can get my hands on, and I have taken several courses in writing and editing. I’ve even started building my portfolio and client base. Even after all this prepping, I am a little nervous.

I am excited to move on to a more challenging and rewarding career, but self-employment is scary. I don’t have a guaranteed paycheck each week, and I am responsible for paying my own taxes. Basically, if I want to make money, I have to work really hard. But self-employment also has its perks. I am in control of my schedule and the projects I accept. I am also free to pursue the work that I love.

So I’d love to hear from other self-employed professionals. What advice can  you offer? Do you have any words of wisdom?

As usual, here are links to some recent posts.

A Garden Party Interview: Designed By M.E. Stationery

Wedding Stationery

I also spend the week editing Bill’s crime novel for content and working on a grant application. Check back next week for my latest posts.

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