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A Good Writer is a Lifelong Learner

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When I was in college (and high school), I counted down the days to graduation. I hated school, but I love learning.

The structure of college and high school didn’t work for me. I hated the scheduling, which made it almost impossible to maintain a full-time job and a home. I hated the homework, which usually assumed you were a typical 18-year-old student who had no responsibilities outside of the classroom. Most of all, I hated the classes. Every semester, I would eagerly look forward to my courses, but by mid-semester, I was bored. The pace was too slow, and I felt like school was based on face-time rather than learning. Your grade depended on your physical presence.

Since graduation, I have enrolled in a few online courses through I crave information; I love to learn new skills, and I like to be challenged.

Mediabistro is different from traditional college because I can complete the work at my own pace on my own schedule. I control how much I learn not an attendance book.

Some people might think it is crazy to sign up for classes after I just finished college, but I see it as an investment. I am determined to be the best writer and editor I can be; that means I need to continue to learn and improve.

By the end of the summer, I will be a certified copywriter and a certified copy editor. Not only will this be priceless experience to add to my resume and portfolio, but I will feel more confident in my skills.

Everyone has the ability to learn. The key is to discover your personal learning style. I work best independently , and I typically require an accelerated pace. Other people need the traditional classroom setting, and that is okay. There is no right way to learn.

What is your learning style?

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