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The Best Cookbooks

Four years ago, I was afraid to boil water. No one ever taught me how to cook, so I was convinced I couldn’t do it. When I first started living on my own (and cooking my own meals), I lived off of frozen pizzas, grilled cheese, and canned soup. Needless to say, I gained over 15 pounds and felt horrible. I needed to change the way I was eating.

Then, I found the solution. Recipes. I scanned magazines, the internet, and cookbooks for recipes. I started small, trying simple recipes with only a handful of ingredients. The more I cooked, the more my confidence grew. Now, I willingly cook dinners for guests and take dishes to parties. I avoid processed foods most days by cooking with fresh ingredients. I make everything from pasta sauce to soups to homemade granola bars. I feel healthier than ever.

Cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating. A good cookbook will give you all the advice you need. Check out my newest article at, The Best Cookbooks. Whether you are looking for semi-homemade recipes or baby food recipes, you will find it in one of my favorite cookbooks.

Tell me, what are your favorite cookbooks?

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